Moonbug is closing producer One Animation less than two years after acquiring Oddbods studio


Less than two years after purchasing Southeast Asian studio One Animation, Moongbug has closed the company’s offices in Singapore and Jakarta.

One Animation launched in 2008 and is best known for producing the three-time Emmy nominated series Oddbods, a dialogue-free comedy show for children that has aired in more than 180 countries. The show’s main YouTube channel has 10.6 million followers and more than 8 billion views. Other titles the studio has worked on include Sharkdog and Netflix’s Sharkdog Oddbods Called a spin-off series Minibods.

Moonbug wants to keep Oddbods And Minibods in the market, with the branches in Singapore concentrating on expanding franchises. A fourth, albeit much shorter, season of Oddbods will debut later this month.

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