What we do

Need an explainer video? At Better Story Studio, we put your ideas on screen for the whole world to see!

We are an animation studio based in Poland with offices in Warsaw and Taipei. Our 20-person team of talented and experienced artists specializes in creating video-oriented advertising.

What can we do for you? Anything from an explainer video to 2D animation, ATL commercials, animated TV series and post-production services.

How we work

Any explainer video, 2D animation starts with the script. If you already have one, send it to us! If not, we will create it for you – for a small additional payment.

Then, our graphic designer turns the script into a storyboard. We establish all the details of your explainer 2D animation. Your comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Next, it’s time for graphic design. We will send you all the scenes and wait for your approval before we move on. If you like the setting and the characters, we go to the next stage…

…Which is animation! Let’s put your explainer video into motion! We send you a preview, the first couple seconds and, again, wait for your green light.

And then, it’s done! Your brand new and shiny 2D animation explainer video you can share with the whole world to marvel at your latest idea. Enjoy! It’s been great working with you!