Read This and Create Your Next Great Infographic

By Chloe Dinsdale Jan 5, 2022

shutterstock_307219181“Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.” - Rebecca Lieb, Strategic Advisor, Columnist

Alongside a quality business, you will need a quality content marketing strategy to further advance your success. But the content marketing world is vast! It is full of opportunities to show how your brand or business truly shines: Landing pages, videos, images, blog posts, emails social media posts, eBooks, and, of course, infographics.

At a time when searches for infographics have increased over 50% (in March 2020, compared to March 2019), it’s instrumental to know what it takes to make a phenomenal infographic. You already know visuals should be used often by marketers in any field or industry — instruction with visuals creates a 15% increase in productivity than instructions with just text. Combine incredible design with relevant, valuable information and you’ll be on a fast track to memorable infographics in no time. And when your content is memorable, audiences will feel more empowered to share your work and perhaps even give you their business.

A great infographic has great use of color. Leave the bland, black and white infographics in your drafts folder! Color in visuals increases the attention span in viewers by 82%, and messages in color are 39% more likely to be remembered than messages in black and white. Plus, over half — 55% — of people prefer to read messages in color instead of messages without color.

If you want users to understand and learn what makes your products or services so valuable, you can explain the merit of your brand or business in a simple infographic as well. With visuals increasing learning and information retention by 78%, there’s no doubt that you can make your brand nearly unforgettable with the right infographic. 

Lastly, high-value content lends serious support to the plight of readers. What challenges or obstacles are they facing? Create an infographic that solves problems. Shareable and engaging, the problem-solving infographic can follow a how-to guide format that users will find easy to understand. In fact, when visuals are used to explain a task, users demonstrate 80% fewer errors completing said task! 

People are actually 30% more likely to send payment faster when prompted by visuals — don’t doubt the power of the well-crafted infographic.

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