Exploring Audience-Oriented Content for Financial Businesses

By Chloe Dinsdale Jun 23, 2022

Experts in any industry can be unconsciously guilty of misidentifying what their potential customers really want to know. This isn’t a slight on companies; those with extensive knowledge come by their expertise through a lot of time spent with the material. It’s the old missing the forest for the trees adage. Unwittingly, many experts focus on the details and overlook the big-picture concepts that everyday people wonder about when they think about a certain industry.


This is especially true for financial businesses, where the details are everywhere. So, let’s take a step back and ask ourselves what potential audiences of your marketing content really want to know about the financial industry. Asking this question is another great strategy to generate the type of engaging content that leads to business growth. Here are three topics about which your potential customers want to know more.


Home Ownership + the Knowledge Gap


Any competent financial advisor will tell you home ownership is the best way to build sustainable wealth, no matter your income bracket. If this is true, then why are so many millennials and Gen Zers saying they don’t think they can afford a house, with nearly half citing the down payment as the reason? The barriers to home ownership are certainly growing steeper, but if so many of the potential customers of this huge sector of the financial industry believe accessing the homeownership products impossible, something is clearly being lost in the messaging.


Within this knowledge gap lies opportunity. Content demystifying the homebuying process is the solution. By answering questions in an approachable way, you can guarantees engagement. Here are some examples of what consumers really want to know about homebuying:


  1. 5 things millennials wish they knew before purchasing their first home
  2. Here’s 3 programs that help first time home buyers
  3. The hidden costs of homeownership you won’t find on Zillow


All three are educational opportunities that can be directly tied to financial services, with the proper content creation.


Can I Retire?


Retirement is on the minds of Boomers these days, and conscientious Gen Xers. But did you know that Millennials are planning for retirement at an outsized rate compared to other generations? This opens a whole new opportunity for the financial services sector to build engaging content geared towards a younger audience. 401(k) explainers, the difference between ROTH IRAs and traditional IRAs, contribution limits – with targeted content, all these educational elements can be approached in manner that increases business.


The Crypto Craze Is Real, Right?


Every customer you’re targeting has heard of the Crypto currency craze, but very few understand it. This might partly explain why the crypto currency market experiences such wild fluctuations. Still, most experts predict crypto currency – while volatile – isn’t going anywhere.


Here’s what most of us want to know: why? Understanding crypto – and the technology behind it – reveals the real opportunity. Crypto as a currency may not last forever, but blockchain technology will soon be a part not just of the finance industry, but has applications in healthcare, insurance, and gambling. Tying your expert knowledge to these broader applications will produce audience-oriented content. Your customers want to know about Crypto, they just don’t know the right questions to ask, yet.



Above all, audiences want to know their dreams are attainable. Content oriented towards helping them realize their goals – whether it be owning a home, retiring, or innovations using the blockchain – is a win-win for both financial businesses and their customers.






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