4 Micro-Experiences You Should Try Creating

By Chloe Dinsdale Jun 5, 2019
  • “Interactive content is the future of your funnel.” —Marketo

Interactive content, which requires active engagement from participants, is much more exciting than simply reading or watching an ad. This engagement is crucial to a brand or business—when a prospect is asked to answer questions or participate, they are guided to specific results in real time that relate to consumer challenges, problems, and ideas. 

Your goal in creating interactive content is to provide any user with immediate and tailored micro-experiences that are focused on the things they care about. Here are four examples you should try implementing in your own content marketing strategy. 

Interactive Maps

  • These are image-based maps with hotspots on notable locations you would like the user to explore. These hotspots (on a diagram, floor plan, photo, or road map) will respond when a defined action is initiated. Interactive maps can provide readers with a rich, utilitarian experience to help them explore a region and plan a journey.

Interactive Infographics

  • Ask your audience relevant questions while they are processing content—you’ll gather valuable data about who your users are and where they are in their buying process. These infographics are also great ways to score, nurture, and segment new leads. 

Interactive Timelines 

  • A visual representation of a sequence of events (historical, current, or future), interactive timelines communicate information beyond just graphics, by taking readers through a journey across points in time. Timelines are effective because consumers like when complex topics are condensed into visual assets that deliver equal or greater value than written content pieces. 

Polls and Surveys 

  • Usually in the form of a questionnaire, polls and surveys help you gather opinions, feedback, and valuable user insight. Gathering this kind of information is a great way to engage with users on social channels, and can also give a unique look into the issues your users are currently facing.



There is no limit to the number of micro-experiences you can create for your customers to enjoy. Experiment with different types of micro-experiences in order to increase engagement, conversions, and quality leads. 

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